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spring is in the air

Oooh it's SO nice out today!! I went out wearing only my new stripey top - which is short-sleeved - (and jeans of course.. I just realised that sounded strange) and I wasn't cold. We walked through the park for a bit and saw squirrels and daffodils and kids playing, then went to High Street and bought a few things. People didn't know what to wear though because a lot of people were still wearing huge overcoats, and then others were wearing a range of stuff down to short sleeves and shorts/skirts.

My iPod wants me to listen to Robbie which is really annoying. This song isn't too bad but if I wasn't typing I think I'd skip it. The song it chose on my way home today wasn't bad either ("Supreme") but usually I'm just not in the mood to listen to his stuff and the random feature chooses it like every 3rd song. Silly music machine.
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I wanna come it's cold (though admittedly sunny today) and way less spring than in London (but Lübeck's geographically further north so maybe that's not so surprising).
Hehe, yeah, the change from spring to summer is the hardest part of the year clothes-chosing-wise...

Lol, your i-pod loves should get together with one of my friends here some time. It's amazing how Robbie is in every second sentence...
Haha! Ummm it's weird that London is the 'warm choice' for living. ;p
Its warm there? You bitch! Its raining here. I was reading your first sentence and thought it must be warm shes in her underpants! ;) I miss you! Paul and I will have to visit before you go back home.
Yeah!!! You should come visit. Just not during May 15th - June 8th or so. During that time I'm not even going to have a room here because some students are taking over. Otherwise you can probably stay here for free if you stay in our room.

I'll have to come back to Cardiff to see you too sometime... I hope. :D